Metal Elevator Buckets

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Features and Benefits:

  • Metal elevator buckets are produced from steel.
  • Strong and long lasting.
  • Dome washers are used with metal elevator buckets.


    • The distance between the bolt holes can be changed.
    • There are different sizes as shown in the chart.
    • Can be shipped with nylon nuts.



      • Can be shipped with carton boxes or in sacks.


      • Elevator buckets are used over vertical elevators.

Metal Elevator Buckets
Metal Elevator Buckets Selection Chart
Product CodeA- WidthB- LengthC- DepthD-ThicknessE- Distance Between Bolt HolesF- Number Of HolesG Ø- Size Of BoltsCarrying Capacity
KK-SKO190 mm80 mm45 mm1 mm40 mm28 mm-5/16”0.144 lt / 0.132 kg
KK-SKO2100 mm90 mm55 mm1 mm50 mm28 mm-5/16”0.242 lt / 0.218 kg
KK-SKO3120 mm105 mm65 mm1 mm60 mm28 mm-5/16”0.382 lt / 0.344 kg
KK-SKO4140 mm120 mm75 mm1 mm70 mm28 mm-5/16”0.581 lt / 0.522 kg
KK-SKO5160 mm130 mm85 mm1.2 mm80 mm28 mm-5/16”0.775 lt / 0.698 kg
KK-SKO6180 mm140 mm96 mm1.2 mm90 mm28 mm-5/16”1.006 lt / 0.906 kg
KK-SKO7200 mm150 mm107 mm1.5 mm100 mm28 mm-5/16”1.588 lt / 1.432 kg
KK-SKO8220 mm162 mm118 mm1.5 mm110 mm28 mm-5/16”2.101 lt / 1.892 kg
KK-SKO9240 mm175 mm130 mm1.5 mm120 mm28 mm-5/16”2.505 lt / 2.252 kg
KK-SK11260 mm180 mm140 mm1.5 mm160 mm310 mm-3/8”3.455 lt / 3.088 kg
KK-SK12280 mm213 mm170 mm1.5 mm180 mm310 mm-3/8”4.221 lt / 3.651 kg
KK-SK13320 mm220 mm150 mm1.5 mm200 mm310 mm-3/8”6.251 lt / 4.474 kg