Screen Hooks

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These are the so called U BOLTS and J BOLTS.


  • Available in various lengths and diameters.


  • Packaged with carton boxes. EKU05-200 and EKU05-250 are shipped as 300 pcs/box, the others are shipped as 200 pcs/box.


  • U BOLTS and J BOLTS are used at mines; sand, gravel and coal querries and kind of crushing and screening plant to fix the sieve to the body of the screen.
  • J BOLT’s are used to strech the sieves over the screen.
Screen Hooks
Screen Hooks Selection Chart
EKU05-200 M5Ux200
EKU05-250 M5Ux250
EKU08-200 M8Ux200
EKU08-250 M8Ux250
EKU08-290 M8Ux290
EKU10-200 M10Ux200
EKU10-250 M10Ux250
EKU10-290 M10Ux290
EKU12-200 M12Ux200
EKU12-250 M12Ux250
EKU12-290 M12Ux290
EKJ08-210 M8Jx210
EKJ08-180 M8Jx180
EKJ10-180 M10Jx180
EKJ12-180 M12Jx180
EKJ12-210 M12Jx210
EKJ10-210 M10Jx210
EKJ08-260 M8Jx260