Belt Lacing

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For systems with pulleys as small as 1” (25 mm) diameter, Selflex Lacing System offers an economical, low-profile splice.
Features and Benefits: 

  • One-piece design provide uniform tension across belt width.
  • Engineered to prevent pieces from working loose from belt.
  • Faster installation compared to vulcanisation method

Installation Options:

  • MA01-75 Roller Lacer–Lightweight, portable installation tools which gently and precisely roll the hooks into the belt for a low-profile splice.
  • The length of the tool is 75cms.
  • MA04-20 Vise Lacer – Works with a vise. Length of the tool is 20cms.
  • SR series No:1 and No:7 fasteners can be installed with MA04-20 vise lacer or with MA01-75 roller lacer. The other sizes of SR series can be installed with just a hammer.


  • Available in steel or stainless steel.
  • Continuous lengths to fit any belt width. Can be manufactured in special sizes.


  • Fasteners are shipped inside carton boxes as 5 sets/box. Connecting pins are included in the boxes.


  • Conveyor and transmission belts, as well as sanitary operations.
  • Belts up to 9,5 mm thick and minimum pulley diameters up to 300 mm.
Belt Lacing
Belt Lacing Selection Chart
SR01GGalvanised Steel130 cm25 mm451,5 – 2,5 mm
SR01PStainless Steel130 cm25 mm451,5 – 2,5 mm
SR16GGalvanised Steel160 cm25 mm451,5 – 2,5 mm
SR14GGalvanised Steel180 cm25 mm451,5 – 2,5 mm
SR10GGalvanised Steel1100 cm25 mm451,5 – 2,5 mm
SR10PStainless Steel1100 cm25 mm451,5 – 2,5 mm
SR07GGalvanised Steel730 cm35 mm502,5 – 3,2 mm
SR07PStainless Steel730 cm35 mm502,5 – 3,2 mm
SR17GGalvanised Steel760 cm35 mm502,5 – 3,2 mm
SR18GGalvanised Steel780 cm35 mm502,5 – 3,2 mm
SR20GGalvanised Steel7100 cm35 mm502,5 – 3,2 mm
SR20PStainless Steel7100 cm35 mm502,5 – 3,2 mm
SR15Steel1530 cm100 mm653,2 – 4,5 mm
SR12Steel1560 cm100 mm653,2 – 4,5 mm
SR13Steel1580 cm100 mm653,2 – 4,5 mm
SR25Steel2530 cm150 mm1004,5 – 5,6 mm
SR23Steel2560 cm150 mm1004,5 – 5,6 mm
SR24Steel2580 cm100 mm1004,5 – 5,6 mm
SR27Steel2730 cm200 mm1005,6 – 7,0 mm
SR26Steel2760 cm200 mm1005,6 – 7,0 mm
SR28Steel2780 cm200 mm1005,6 – 7,0 mm
SR35Steel3530 cm250 mm1507,0 – 8,0 mm
SR36Steel3560 cm250 mm1507,0 – 8,0 mm
SR38Steel3580 cm250 mm1507,0 – 8,0 mm
SR45Steel4530 cm300 mm1658,0 – 9,5 mm
SR46Steel4560 cm300 mm1658,0 – 9,5 mm
SR48Steel4580 cm300 mm1658,0 – 9,5 mm